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I started this to quench the thirst for all things shopping. I’ve slowly caught shoes and bags seeping into my actual journal blog, Charming, but Single. So, we’ll see how I do when I’m only talking about such things.

That being said, I’m no Fashionista. I don’t have buckets of cash to feed my habit. In general, I have more taste than money. I don’t live in a huge city with designer goods surrounding me. I’m just an average lady who likes pretty things that won’t break the bank. I’ve never spent more than $100 on a purse or a pair of shoes, and unless my fortune changes, I doubt I ever will.

I don’t get all worked up about every little piece of fashion. Vogue is not my bible. I’ve never set foot in Neiman Marcus. (I know, I know. Trust me, I know.) And just in case you were wondering, I would rather gouge my own eyes out with a lead pencil soaked in sewer water than wear leggings. (Unless I was at them gym and my yoga pants were tres dirty.)

This is just a place to opine on the special things I see in stores or online. The inexpensive, the moderately priced, the stuff I’d buy if I won an especially large Powerball jackpot. Mostly shoes and bags, I’m sure. But I’m not ruling out various foods, home décor (love me some Nate Berkus!) or pieces of technology. And, I’m sure from time to time, I’ll dip into discussions of marketing and trends that should just not be.

So, sit a spell and let’s dish, shall we?


Anonymous Designer Ella said...

Great new blogging venture! I'm linking to you!

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