Sunday Sale

Two quick sale items I'm dying for from Ann Taylor Loft, home of cute work clothes and fabulous sale racks.

I've actually seen both of these in person and they are tres cute. (I tried the shoes on in black, but ultimately decided I had enough black shoes. However, I didn't see them in red at my ATL.)

I'm thinking that both of these would be great for a not-too-dressy day at work, a weekend brunch or day social occasion (like a shower) or a fun little evening on the town. I'm thinking black wrap dress, I'm thinking silver hoops and I'm thinking cute red shoes with a matching small red mini bag and some good red wine to boot.

That's one bonus to buying shoes and handbags at the same place. You know the colors will match. Not that they HAVE to match, but it is nice to know that one red won't be too orangey.

And red sandals are a great outfit maker for spring and summer. I wore some very inexpensive Steve Madden knock-offs in red for months a few years back. Red shoes are one of many ways to make jeans and a tiny tee into an outfit.

Now hurry, before I buy them all!


Blogger cherchezlafemme said...

Too funny. I just bought those shoes. I am on some kind of a shoe shopping spree. Red shoes are my favorite way to dress up a white tee & jeans outfit too. (There are cuter little red bags though.)

5:06 PM  
Blogger anne said...

I think I may have to have both of those items. I just may have to.

7:41 AM  
Blogger Virginia Belle said...

aaaarrrgh! the curse of the cute spring shoes! they always strike when i'm broke!

alas, i will have to wear beat-up ones until i can get cute ones like these...

7:36 AM  
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